Scope of Digital Marketing in the coming future

Original Article By: Devendra Pandey

Everything we search on the Internet before making any decision, this helps the companies and brands to reach out to their customers on digital platforms. The new era of digital marketing will bring more and more opportunities for the new aspirants as a career in this marketing specialization. Let us learn step by step job profiles and designation if you master Digital Marketing that will enhance your skills and creativity.

Why Digital Marketing?

The first question that comes into our mind is why we should possess it, what values it will create in my job profile or in my business. Let me answer the 1st question. You are just wondering, and your competitors are already using this marketing techniques and gearing up for the future.

Every day a new technology is born which turns the old one into scrap. We all are in the time zone of survival of the fittest. Many industries have already awakened themselves and folded up their sleeves to adopt the new change. Digital Marketing is one of them, it is on the growth stage which cannot be ignored for sustaining and countering the competition.
The best example of JIO which disrupted the telecom industry with its new technology, other companies were helpless and reduced their prices to cutthroat the competition.

Just think! Whenever you search in Google, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook these platforms are flooded with ads and companies are targeting you to solve the problem of yours. With the growth of Internet data usage and internet penetration, people are spending more time online.

To become a future leader and industry expert everyone needs to enhance their skills and practical exposure. Digital Marketing is one of the key areas where a person can easily learn and boost up his career. A digital marketing professional earns between Rs 15 thousand to 4Lakhs a month. There is a great opportunity because of huge demand and less supply.

India will have 700+ million smartphones users by the end of 2020 according to a study by NDTV venture Gadget 360 and Economic Times reports says that it will cross 530 million smartphone users by 2020. The data speaks clearly that there is high potential in mobile usage and the Internet which will help in the advancement of Rural India which will drive more demand for technology.

The Digital Era will be more advance after the launch of 5G technology, the demand curve of digital experts will exponential growth and the graph will not decline in any circumstances. The pandemic has shown that without physical movement we can survive on digital technology. There is a clear picture which depicts the rise of Digital Marketing.

What is the right platform to learn Digital Marketing

93% of the MBA graduates are unemployed in India because they have only a theoretical approach rather practical one they know the tools but the problem is with implementation.

These learning platform gives you theoretical as all as practical learning which will enhance your learnings and practical learning.

The course is divided into 42 modules for clear and better understanding of digital marketing, designed with the help of 200+ industry experts who will teach the proper implementation and how to cross the hurdles