Microsoft announces tool for improving user experience : Free Website Analytics Tool Called CLARITY!!

Original Article By Jais Jose

Microsoft Clarity

Microsoft introduces a new analytics tool CLARITY for smoothening user experience on your site while respecting user’s privacy.
The best part is that it is a free tool which helps the website owners have a better understanding of their user/visitor behaviour so that they can improve user experiences.
It provides the site owners with visual heatmaps that explain user engagement, per session replays, overall dashboard to get an idea of user interaction.

DASHBOARD:  The Free Website Analytical Tool Clarity announced by Microsoft provides an amazing dashboard which gives an overview of how many users were clicking links that do not exist, the average time a user spends in your website, number of users that scrolled up and down a page in search of something that they couldn’t easily locate and so on.

HEATMAPS: There are mainly 2 types of heatmaps

  • Scroll map: It tells you whether your visitors are actually seeing the content that you want them to see.
  • Click maps: It helps in pointing out which content on your page is interacted the most by the visitors.

SESSION PLAYBACKS:  It enables the site owners to view the recording of an individual session to monitor user behaviour which helps to take better website design decisions.

FILTER MECHANISMS: Microsoft Clarity gives exemplary filter mechanism in addition to typical filters like OS, country, browser etc. It uses machine learning to identify “excessive clicking”, “dead clicks”, “rage clicks” in the dashboard, heatmaps and session recordings.


It basically tells you the user behaviour like when the user repeatedly clicks on a certain section of the website or a page, probably because they think there’s a hyperlink when actually there isn’t.


Clarity is designed to have a low impact on the page load time of your website thereby improving your site design and also helping to ensure that your high- value content is in front and centre for your visitors and users.

Take proper website decision to make your site go live and provide this data to stakeholders to justify design decisions of your website!!!!


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